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Is Your Pet Bed Anti-Anxiety?

Is Your Pet Bed Anti-Anxiety?

A lot of pet beds out on the market claim to be the best, to help lower canine anxiety, but do they really?

If we’re honest, it’s a complex topic and the way that it’s measured is through pet psychology. No, pets don’t go to a psychologist (although can’t you just picture your pup lounging on one of those classic day beds?!), but there are behaviorists who monitor and do research into things like “What’s the best kind of bed for dogs?”


Behaviorists are able to actually pinpoint the necessary qualities of a bed that make it anti-anxiety:

  • Plush removable cover
  • Deep crevice for pets to burrow
  • Non-slip bottom that’s dirt resistant
  • Interior fibers that offer relief from joint pain
  • Machine washable fabric for ease of cleaning
  • Faux mother-like fur

Does your current dog bed match up?

At NurtureBrands, we made sure to look to the experts and created a dog bed built for calm. It’s not rocket science, but it is a science.


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