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Care Guide

Thank you so much for purchasing your NurtureBed™ and patiently waiting for it to arrive. We are confident your dog will love it! Show us how much your fur baby enjoys their NurtureBed™ and post a picture on Facebook or Instagram. Tag us @thenurturebed and we will repost it on our socials! If you run into any
issues, please contact us at support@nurturebed.com.

Introducing The NurtureBed™️ - Best Practice

Whether you are using your NurtureBed™️ in a dog crate or the living room
we recommend warming up your dog to the bed slowly to get the best
results. Some strategies that have worked well for our customers include:

  • Not forcing your dog to lay in the bed immediately upon opening the bed.
  • Placing your dog’s favorite blanket or chew toy/bone in the bed.
  • Positive Reinforcement- when your dog decides to lay in their NurtureBed™ reward them with a small treat and affection.
  • Spray a small amount of lavender essential oil on the bed.
  • Spending time with your dog while they lay in the bed - watching TV, reading a book, sipping some wine, etc.
  • Keeping the bed in one location your dog is comfortable in.
  • Try NurtureChews for additional calming benefits.


Cleaning Your NurtureBed™️

Since dogs like to mark their territory your dog may go to the bathroom in their NurtureBed™️; especially if they are a puppy. No sweat! Your NurtureBed™️ is 100% machine washable.

To wash your bed simply put the entire bed in an empty washing machine. Use cold water and a delicate washing cycle. Laundry detergent is safe to use on this bed. To dry your NurtureBed™️ we recommend air drying the bed for a few hours, manually fluffing up the bed, and then putting the bed in the dryer on low tumble with NO HEAT for 10-15 minutes.

Any questions or concerns please contact our team at


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Here are answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Once you receive your NurtureBed™ via shipment, un-package the bed and introduce it to your pup by placing it in their favorite corner or where they usually sleep. Typically dogs take to NurtureBed™ right away, but you may have to give them a few days to adjust to the new bedding before noticing improvements in their behavior and anxiety.

Our luxurious faux fur is designed to mimic the feeling and comfort of a mother’s fur coat… so the more your dog uses their NurtureBed™, the more they will fall in love with it!

The donut-like shape creates a sense of security and helps reduce stress from environment, such as being alone at the house or crate training.

Depending on the severity of your dog's crate anxiety, NurtureBed™ can help reduce the stress and fear of being in their crate.

Several customers have reported improved crate behavior and more sleeping with NurtureBed™.

Yes! Whether you have a Great Dane or a pint-sized Yorkie, NurtureBed™ is comforting for ALL dogs!

That's ok! Simply shoot us an email at support@nurturebed.com and we'll be happy to arrange an exchange.

It could take a little while for your dog to warm up to the NurtureBed™ but if you're dog doesn't like it please contact us. If it is within 30 days we will gladly accept your return and refund you the cost of the product.

Of course! We have a 30 Day Guarantee and an limited Lifetime Warranty.

We accept credit, debit, and Apple Pay.


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