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NurtureBed™ Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

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Instantly Calm Your Dog's Anxiety

✔ Relieves Separation Anxiety
✔ Reduces Stress In Crate / Kennel
✔ Eliminates Restlessness At Night
✔ Improves Sleep & Behavior
✔ Stop Their Constant Barking
✔ No More Complaining Neighbors
✔ Peace Of Mind When You Leave Home
✔ Machine Washable - Easy To Maintain

“Please Don’t Go”

You see it in their eyes every time before you leave the house. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, they might bark, whine, or even show destructive behavior until you get home.

Believe it or not, 1 in 4 dogs suffer from this kind of anxiety. You’re certainly not alone (we’ve dealt with this ourselves), but now there's an easy solution.  


The #1 Dog Bed For Separation Anxiety

NurtureBed™ is specifically designed to help with separation anxiety. It uses scientifically proven remedies to help reduce stress, provide a natural feeling of protection, and create calm for your dog when you aren’t home.


Imagine you leave the house and:

✔️Your dog isn’t showing signs of stress
✔️They aren’t barking or whining
✔️You have peace of mind knowing they’re calm
✔️You can focus on the day ahead of you


    Together, we can give your dog a calmer, happier life, and give you confidence and rest.


    How It Works 


    Unbox Your Pup's NurtureBed™

    Give your dog the excitement of opening up their new present!

    Let Them Warm Up To It

     There's no hassle to it! Typically dog's fall in love with NurtureBed™ at first sight.

    Never Worry About Their Anxiety Again

    Your dog has the comfort they crave, and you have peace of mind.


    Why NurtureBed?


    Creates Calm

    Instant relaxation for your dog. NurtureBed™ mimics the warmth of a mother's coat to help ease separation anxiety. 


    Promotes Deeper, More Restorative Sleep

    Deeper, more restful sleep = HAPPY DOGGY! NurtureBed’s calming design supports better sleep so your pup can wake up refreshed every day.

    Supports Longer Joint Health & Mobility

    Traditional dog beds are rough and can lead to stiff joints over time. NurtureBed™ alleviates pressure across the body to help reduce joint stiffness and promote increased mobility.


    Easy To Maintain

    NurtureBed™ is machine washable, so you can ensure your fur baby always has a fresh place to relax with zero hassle (Machine Wash. Gentle Cycle. Tumble Dry.).

    "Better Than Any Medication"

    Most dog anxiety prescriptions cost $100+ a month! NurtureBed™ is the one-time investment that gives your pup relief from their anxiety, day after day. Help your dog overcome anxiety the easy way with NurtureBed™. 


    Size Diameter Suited For
    S 60 CM / 24" IN

    Up to 25lbs - Pug, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Yorkie, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian
    M 70 CM / 28" IN

    Up to 40lbs - Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Bulldog, Jack Russel Terrier, Boston Terrier, Dachshund
    L 80 CM / 32" IN

    Up to 60lbs - Boxer, Border Collie, Poodle, Samoyed, Husky
    XL 100 CM / 40" IN

    Up to 80-100lbs - Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Labrador, Dobermann, Greyhound, Bernese Mountain Dog


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