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How Important Is Sleep For Your Dog?

How Important Is Sleep For Your Dog?

Like you and me, dogs need adequate amounts of sleep. Sleep gives time for dogs to heal, encourages a healthy immune system and keeps them in good mental health. Without a solid 12-14 hours of sleep for adult dogs and as much as 18-20 for puppies, they will be far more prone to anxiety, just like us. Think about how you feel after a night of sleeping on a bumpy, rough and squeaky mattress, after tossing and turning for hours. Not great, right? Probably pretty irritable. Maybe a little jumpy and more stressed than usual?

Imagine how your pup must feel!


Adequate sleep is also a leading factor in learning for dogs. Before you get frustrated about their lack of progression in training, check in on their sleep habits. When dogs don’t get enough sleep, their motor skills suffer and their level of concentration and retention drops. This is also directly tied to their memory processing. You can teach a new trick or behavior, but without enough sleep, their brains won’t be able to effectively process the training into a repeated action. This article will be helpful in expanding upon the science of memory and learning.

So what needs to change?

You want to get your dog to sleep consistently through the night.

Well, just like you would for yourself, start with their bed.

It’s easy to think that dog beds don’t really matter. After all, aren’t they able to sleep just about anywhere? We’ve all caught our dogs lounging on the tile floor mid-day for a snooze. But not all sleep is created equal. And snoozing is not enough for your dog. Their health (both mental and physical) requires deep sleep and that means we are tasked with creating optimal conditions for them that meet their primal needs. One thing we know about dog's sleep is that they relax when they feel a direct sense of security. In an ideal world, that’s going to be tucked into the coat of their mother, and second best, maybe snuggled up with you.

It’s likely they aren’t connected to their mother anymore, and what happens when you need to be out for the night or when you don’t want to share your bed?

To make sure they get the best sleep, you need a bed that will mimic those conditions, and we’ve got one set aside

Nurturebed is backed by vets and behaviorists as the #1 calming dog bed.

Give your pup the best sleep they’ve ever had!



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